Why Crystal Research?


    Our ambition is to become our clients´ team member, deal with their everyday tasks and operational and strategic questions.


    We are a smaller local agency, so we can adjust to clients´ needs and expectations. We are flexible in responding to changing needs while still adhering to quality of the services we provide.


    Our team members have been in research since 1998, having experienced both the supplier and client sides and working for local and renowned international companies. They have carried out an array of marketing projects as expert team members in various businesses.


    We are proud to be the biggest and technologically most advanced commercial call centre in Slovakia. We rank among the European top-class researchers thanks to the professional approach of our team members and internal processes set up with precision.


    Before the introduction of GDPR a very cautious and professional approach to data handling had always been our priority. In order to guarantee safety, data protection and desired standards we adher to internal projects and operating procedures.


    We are attentive to the trends not only during data collection and analysis. We share results from exclusive projects and syndicated studies via a modern, simple and efficient online platform. Documents are shared online via an interactive analytic tool with a secure and variable access.


    Our goal is to provide valuable results at affordable prices. We co-operate with multinational companies, local businesses and start-ups in various field. We dedicate our time to efficient project designs, quick and quality data collection and processing. We will be your partners that provide fair conditions.

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